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“Dr. Fred Abeles is a pioneer in the field of chronic pain. He’s redefining what’s possible in migraine therapy.”

– USA Today

“One of the most sought after TMJ specialists in the world.”

– The Wall Street Journal

Our Story – Why MIRO Therapy™ was Developed

Before I explain MIRO Therapy™, I’d like to share with you how and why it was developed.

I (Dr. Fred Abeles) had a highly successful, reconstructive dental practice. Patients traveled to see us from all over the US and Canada. I was on the faculty of one of the most prestigious dental institutes in the world.

I consulted with leading dental manufacturers on the development of new dental products and I was in great demand as a speaker and educator. My professional practice was rewarding and enjoyable.

But life sometimes throws us a curve ball.

My wife and I found ourselves dealing with serious illness in our family. I’ve personally experienced the frustration of trying to find a solution to life-threatening, chronic disease.

As a patient and a father, I know first-hand the struggles and uncertainty individuals face when trying to find a proper solution to their problem.

And I’ve experienced the fear of wondering, “What if the treatment doesn’t work or things get worse?”

The Blueprint We Use to Effectively Treat Chronic Headache, Migraine and TMJ Pain

Organized medicine and insurance companies emphasis on prescribing drugs to treat these conditions angered me. I knew from my patients’ stories that pills and quick-fix remedies rarely helped.

I was tired of drug commercials on TV with smiling, dancing people and happy music listing all the side effects that can damage or kill us in the last 30 seconds of the ad.

The challenge and frustration of finding the proper care amidst a sea of confusing claims and promises was the turning point of my career.

I decided to dedicate my practice to treating people with chronic pain of the head and neck. The fragmented, outdated approaches to treatment presented an opportunity for me to make a difference.

I studied and researched. I invested in the most advanced technology. I learned what worked and what failed from our completed cases. More study and research followed. I looked for what was missing from all of these approaches. I went from shooting in the dark to seeing what I was doing.

Ultimately – I innovated.

What follows is the method we’ve spent over $150,000 and a decade developing. It’s the blueprint we use to effectively treat chronic headaches, migraines and TMJ disorders. It’s proven to be effective under all sorts of circumstances whether the problem has been treated unsuccessfully in the past or not.

I created MIRO Therapy™ to share the breakthrough tools I’ve discovered and the treatment strategies that have grown out of this groundbreaking research.

“Makes conventional therapy look like The Stone Age.”

– INC. Magazine

What is MIRO Therapy™?

MIRO Therapy™ is our proprietary development. MIRO Therapy™ will sift through all the physiological ‘noise’ to find the actual underlying cause of pain and dysfunction, shortening the time necessary for treatment and recovery.

Surprisingly, most patients share a ‘signature pattern’, which shows up as clearly as we do on an infrared scope. Using this pattern, we can pinpoint unique, physiologic markers called MIRO Markers™ to design effective treatment – markers that are often little understood or overlooked as clues.

People who have failed with previous treatment attempts will find this hard to believe, but we’ve analyzed thousands of data points on hundreds of patients every year for over a decade and these signature patterns appear over and over again in all of them, allowing us to accurately diagnose and effectively treat their symptoms.

However, these unique, physiologic markers are not easy to find. We spend up to four hours in diagnostics just to uncover the information we need. Most doctors never see them. We find what others miss.

This may not seem like a big deal now. But trust me when I say it. It is.

There’s a Threat to Your Successful Treatment

What’s the threat? Treating symptoms instead of the underlying cause.

Two rules doctors must follow to succeed in treating chronic pain:

Rule #1: Never just treat symptoms.

Rule #2: Never forget rule #1.

Here’s what it takes to achieve treatment success… Diagnose correctly. Then treat accordingly. Not endless prescriptions. Not surgery. Not needles.

I have a fundamentally different belief. I think every patient ought to know the risks of taking a bunch of medications (with side-effects) to put a Band-Aid over their symptoms while the actual problem remains undiagnosed.

And that raises the question… if we CAN identify the underlying cause of the symptoms, why would we settle for taking drugs with more risks?

Why indeed.

There’s one thing you should do right now no matter whose research you choose to follow or which doctor you select. No matter your age. No matter if you’re male or female.

Stop treating symptoms.

The Wrong Question to Ever Ask

Sadly, what I hear all the time is this:

“Dr. Abeles, what should I do? I’ve had lots of pills and treatment but what’s the best one? Just tell me what medicine I should take.”

I never have a good answer for this because there’s never just one pill to take or one quick-fix remedy for chronic pain of the head and neck. It’s only one part of the puzzle.

And if that’s all you and your doctor are focusing on, you’re missing the point.

You need to know which tissue is causing the pain. You need to identify the unique physiologic markers that identify that tissue. You need to know when muscles are functioning properly and when they’re not.

You need to identify what else is contributing to the pain including the bite relationship, temporomandibular joint position, head and neck posture, airway status, cervical alignment and a host of other factors. You need to know the correct approach to take.

And of course, you have to get all of this right or everything else doesn’t matter.

What Your Doctor Doesn’t Know Could Harm You

The facts remain. Most treatment for chronic pain of the head and neck is based on providing symptomatic relief. Prescriptions. Pills. Botox. Shots. Steroids. Surgery. Dry needling. Acupuncture. Chiropractic adjustments. I could go on…

I personally believe all of these doctors sincerely want to help their patients and provide the best outcome possible. But if their treatment approach is based on relieving symptoms while the underlying cause of the symptoms continues unabated… the treatment is doomed to failure. Worse yet – the condition continues to deteriorate.

And there’s another reason…

Today’s health care system is placing many patients in jeopardy. Millions of Americans are misdiagnosed every year – from Lyme disease, to fibromyalgia to migraines.

What your doctor doesn’t know might harm you. And with few exceptions, most of the time it’s not their fault. The truth is, many doctors simply don’t have the time to keep up with the latest research. I want to change that.

We Can Help

The proper diagnostics, the proper technology and the proper therapy ARE available.

If you haven’t taken the time to get a proper diagnosis… If you haven’t taken a whole-system approach… If you inevitably put too much faith in the wrong therapy or pills and not enough in identifying the underlying cause of the problem – then you’re still just guessing.

And you’re probably not happy with the results.

To get all of these factors right requires time and research. And here’s the thing to keep in mind…

Time and research still aren’t enough. Remember, they’re just guidelines.

So, what’s the missing piece?

It is knowing EXACTLY what the underlying cause of the dysfunction is. It is knowing EXACTLY what to do about it. This is what MIRO Therapy™ enables us to do.

A Unique Approach: No Shots. No Drugs. No Surgery.

MIRO stands for mandibular image-guided rehabilitative orthopedics. It’s a totally unique approach to treating chronic headache, migraine and TMJ pain. No shots. No drugs. No surgery.

We’ll know exactly what tissue is causing your pain and dysfunction and how to successfully go about treating it. And our results are second to none.

For the first time in the thirty-year history of our practice, we’re offering a therapy that addresses all of these factors and it’s changed the face of our practice forever. I honestly believe if the average doctor understood this advanced approach to chronic pain management, they would completely stop their current method of treatment.

“Utilizing MIRO Therapy™ and advanced technology, they’re able to identify unique physiological markers that drive chronic pain and bring new hope to the field of headache management without shots, drugs or surgery.”

– USA Today

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To find out more about Dr. Abeles, the procedures offered in his practice or if MIRO Therapy™ is right for you, please schedule a consultation.

What You’ll Receive at Your Consultation:

Video Transcription

Hi. I’m Dr. Fred Abeles.

There’s as many treatment options for migraines as there are doctors to provide them. How do we choose correctly? If we make the wrong decision, we can end up with failed treatment results or worse yet, serious damage. So, it’s important we make the right choice.

That’s why I put together this short presentation. The first essential thing to know is does the treatment address the primary, root cause of the migraine? Many popular migraine remedies focus on temporary relief of symptoms. For example, pain pills, muscle relaxants, anti-inflammatories, biofeedback, massage and chiropractic. I’m mentioning just a few.

But if the underlying tissue that’s causing the pain isn’t clearly identified, the pain will continue. It’s just that simple. So first, be certain the treatment addresses the primary, root cause of the migraine, not just the symptoms. Treating the root cause can dramatically improve the outcome. The second essential thing to know is will the treatment last? For example, Botox injections have been FDA approved for the treatment of migraines. They temporarily ‘freeze’ or paralyze the muscles of the head and neck that cause the pain. It works. But the therapeutic benefit doesn’t last. It has to be re-applied every three months.

So the question most people don’t ask but should is: If Botox relieves migraines by temporarily freezing the muscles of the head and neck, isn’t there a treatment alternative that lasts, so the muscles don’t create pain? Well, it turns out there is.
There’s a breakthrough technology I can almost guarantee most people have never heard of. I’ll reveal the details in a minute. Yet, not only is the mainstream press not talking about it, they’re still encouraging people to take all the drugs shown in the TV ads.

And if treatment approaches with pills and drugs don’t last, shouldn’t we ask ourselves: are we okay with having our liver, kidneys, and stomach take the hit for repeated use of these medications? They all have damaging side effects. Which leads me to the third essential thing to know, what are the side effects? We’ve become a nation of pill takers. We see an ad on TV for a new drug with all the smiling, dancing people and happy music. But we don’t pay enough attention to the last minute of that commercial.

That’s where they mention all the things their wonder drug can do to us. Most of these drugs have serious side effects and some are life-threatening. What many Americans are learning the hard way, there’s no magic pill. There’s no quick fix to chronic pain.

I know this sounds harsh, but anyone can wear a white coat on television. Not everyone knows what’s best for our health, especially if their interests are first served by selling us drugs we continually have to refill. The fourth essential thing to know is, is the doctor a specialist? There are many wonderful health professionals who sincerely want to help their patients. But the question is: do they treat this full-time or just occasionally?

Expert status is only achieved from treating a large population of patients with one specific problem. Anyone can treat headaches by handing out a prescription. But to specialize in the field is something else. Don’t settle for anything less. The last essential thing to know is, is the root cause of the migraine TMJ dysfunction?

TMJ or temporomandibular joint dysfunction is a frequently misdiagnosed disorder.
And it can be the root cause of many migraines. The temporomandibular joint is located right in front of our ear. It attaches our lower jaw to our head. And it’s the only joint in the human body that’s positioned by our bite, where our teeth fit together. If someone’s bite positions the lower jaw and jaw joints incorrectly, and that discrepancy can be as small as a tenth of a millimeter, then the muscles of the head and neck that support them and stabilize them can fatigue, stress or even go into spasm.

The dysfunctional muscles can wreak havoc with our head and neck. It’s called muscle hypertonicity. The muscles are always on, always hot, always firing. And if this goes on long enough, the muscles can produce pain and lots of it. It’s simply incredible, but if we get the bite right, if we get the muscles of the head and neck to function right, the pain goes away. For good. And there are some amazing new technologies that allow us to do just that.

My advice, don’t settle for Botox temporarily freezing muscles anymore. Don’t settle for symptomatic relief. And don’t rely on prescription drugs with side effects. We can stop migraines in a better way. This is the most exciting development of my career. We’ve hit an inflection point, a time where technology can replace drugs for migraine relief. But there’s more to this story. Much more. I hope everyone is as excited about this breakthrough as I am. Thanks for watching.

Dr. Fred Abeles is the Director of the Atlanta Center for TMJ and Regional Director for the Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies.

He’s the best-selling author of Break Away – The New Method for Treating Chronic Headaches, Migraines and TMJ Without Medication.

NEWSWEEK calls Break Away, “A double dose of cutting-edge advice and inspiration.”

Dr. Abeles has appeared on: ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, CNN, Dr. Oz and NBC’s Daytime as a medical expert. He’s one of the most sought after TMJ specialists in the world according to The Wall Street Journal.

He’s on the Medical Advisory Board for Solace Lifesciences, appeared in Forbes, USA Today, Newsweek, INC, Women’s Health and has written for many other media valuing his opinion as a trusted authority.