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Over 3/4 of all headaches arise from muscle tension, which may be related to your bite. At the Atlanta Center For TMJ our non-invasive TMJ treatment can dramatically reduce or resolve symptoms you may have been suffering with for years.

Have you seen an ENT, neurologist, chiropractor, physical therapist, family dentist or other TMJ specialists in Atlanta and no one has been able to relieve your pain or symptoms despite years of attempts? We can help! Learn more »

“One of the most sought after TMJ specialists in the world.”

– The Wall Street Journal

Clarity is a very powerful thing. We have one mandate: Make the correct diagnosis. Treat the cause. Not the symptoms. Stop the pain. Restore the function. Without shots. Without drugs. Without surgery.

You can feel secure we specialize in this approach – using the utmost in advanced technology and Dr. Abeles’ proprietary MIRO Therapy.™

A world leader in advanced headache and TMJ therapy

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Why choose the Atlanta Center for TMJ?

We’re a leader in the field of TMJ education. Dr. Abeles is the Regional Director and Clinical Instructor for the Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies, one the most prestigious teaching centers in the world today. We teach it.

He’s a best-selling author. Dr. Abeles wrote the definitive book on the subject, Break Away – The New Method for Treating Chronic Headaches, Migraines and TMJ Without Medication. It is an Amazon bestseller and is given to all new doctors who enter the Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies as a reference guide to his treatment approach.

We’ve got the technology. We’ve invested in the most sophisticated state-of-the-art technology and diagnostic equipment to diagnose and treat your problem. Computer generated 3-D tomography, computerized mandibular scanning, electromyography, transcutaneous neural stimulation, sonography, joint vibration analysis, pulsed radio frequency stimulation, ultrasound, NuCalm neuroscience technology, MLS laser therapy and more.

This is what we do. It’s our main focus. We do this every day, not occasionally like a general dentist. We’ve invested years in the most advanced training for the treatment of headaches and TMJ disorders.

And if you feel no one really understands what you’re going through and dealing with… we ‘get’ you. We’ve been there ourselves and we speak your language.

We get results. Our proprietary MIRO Therapy™ is so effective INC Magazine wrote, “It makes conventional therapy look like the Stone Age.” Learn more »

“Dr. Fred Abeles is a pioneer in the field of chronic pain. He’s redefining what’s possible in migraine therapy.”

– USA Today

Who else seeks our advice and treatment expertise?

As a trusted authority, Dr. Abeles has been featured in Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Women’s Health,
Inc., Newsweek, The Miami Herald, The Boston Globe, The Denver Post, CNBC and many more.

He’s been featured on ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX and CNN television. Dr. Abeles has been a guest on Dr. Oz as well as NBC’s Daytime.

Dr. Fred Abeles of the Atlanta Center for TMJ has been featured on many TV networks and newspapers as an authority on TMJ treatment and migraines.

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See why others like you trust the Atlanta Center for TMJ.

Fred Abeles is one of the best dentists in the country. We’re proud to have him as a Clinical Instructor and Regional Director at LVI. His commitment to excellence is evident in everything he does. Atlanta is lucky to have such a great dentist.

– William G. Dickerson, Founder and CEO of The

Las Vegas Institute For Advanced Dental Studies

No one can describe or understand the pain that TMJ causes unless you have experienced it yourself. It is truly debilitating. I know if I had not heard about you and your special care, I would not be functioning today. I want you to know how wonderful you and your staff are and how thankful I am! You are the very best. It’s been six months… and I’m totally pain free!

– Regina Bowen

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Schedule a consultation and discover how we can help you with symptoms you may have been struggling with for years. Receive a copy of Dr. Abeles’ Amazon best-seller, Break Away – The New Method For Treating Chronic Headaches, Migraines and TMJ Without Medication at your appointment.”


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Finally, know that if we accept you for care, we’re so confident we can help you that we’ll make this promise: You’ll be thrilled with our MIRO Therapy™ or we’ll refund your money.

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Freedom From Pills

TMJ disorders have been called the Great Imposter because many TMJ symptoms mimic other disorders and masquerade as conditions not associated with your mouth. The result? You go from one medical specialist to another in search of a cure, all to no avail. You end up on lots of pills. Have you considered the damage to your liver and kidneys that daily use of pain pills and anti-inflammatories might cause? If you’ve been to an Atlanta TMJ specialist, Atlanta headache specialist, Atlanta migraine specialist, or other medical professional and still don’t have relief, please consider this - With our advanced technology we'll help identify the true source of your pain, institute therapy designed to get your muscles feeling better fast, relieve your pain, and help get you off pills. Learn more »